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Paul Scherrer Institut PSI Workshop on Precision Measurements at Low Energy

Paul Scherrer Institut
5232 Villigen PSI, Schweiz/Switzerland
Tel. +41 56 310 21 11
Fax. +41 56 310 21 99

E-Mail: anita.vanloon@psi.ch + klaus.kirch@psi.ch

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Workshop on Precision Measurements at Low Energy

Poster Titles

Adelmann A., Kirch K., Onderwater C.J.G., Schietinger, A. Streun A. Search for the muon electric dipole moment using a compact storage ring Poster
Antognini A., Pohl R. Precision spectroscopy in electronic and muonic H and He+ Poster
Baessler St., Burghoff M., Gemmel C. , Heil W.,
Kilian W.,Müller W., Schnabel A., Seifert F., Sobolev Y., Thrams L.
Application of a He-3 magnetometer: Search for Lorentz- and CPT violation Poster
Bezrukov Fedor How to search for dark matter neutrino in the laboratory? Poster
Bodek Kazimierz Search for Time Reversal Violating Effects in the Decay of Free Neutrons Poster
Daum Manfred An intense UCN Source at PSI Poster
Frei Andreas Fundamental neutron physics at the eastern neutron guide hall of the FRM-II Poster
Gotta Detlev

Pionic atoms: Pion-nucleon interactions at threshold

Hajdas Wojtek Miniature Low Energy Electron Detector for Particle Environment Studies in Space Poster
Heil Werner Solid deuterium source of ultra-cold neutrons at TRIGA Mainz Poster
Ootani Wataru Possible improvements of MEG Experiment Poster
Kirch Klaus Testing Gravity with Muonium Poster
Klein Martin A 10-Boron based high count-rate area detector for UCN Poster
Lauss Bernhard Precision Measurement of Muon Capture on the Deuteron Poster
Lindroos Mats The EURISOL Project Poster
Nishiguchi Hajime mu->e gamma Measurement with a Polarized Muon Beam Poster
da Silva e Silva M., Brantjes N.P.M., Onderwater C.J.G., Jungmann K. Polarimetry for Deuteron EDM Search Poster
Biland A., Kranich D., Pauss F. The Future Project for Gamma Ray Astronomy Poster
Picker R., Altarev I., Hartmann J., Müller A., Paul St., Zimmer O. A UCN storage experiment with superconducting magnets to measure the neutron lifetime Poster
Piegsa Florian Neutron spin precession in samples of polarised nuclei Poster
Prokscha Thomas The highest-intensity surface muon beam muE4 at PSI Poster
Rebreyend D., Zejma J. Towards a new measurement of the neutron EDM: the nEDM experiment at PSI Poster
Schmidt-Wellenburg Philipp A dedicated UCN-source for GRANIT Poster
Schoening Andre Search for Lepton Flavor Violation in a Super-Tau Factory Poster
Schott Wolfgang Neutron decay into hydrogen and the origin of nature`s lefthandedness Poster
Stefan Ritt Prospects for a new mu->3e experiment Poster
Stephan Elzbieta Studies of Three-Nucleon System Dynamics via Deuteron-Proton Breakup Poster
Suarez Estela Probing Magnetic Fields during Black Hole Creation with the new X-ray Polarimeter Poster
Taqqu David High precision spectroscopy of the 1s--2s transition in muonium with new slow muon and muonium production schemes Poster
Taqqu David High precision spectroscopy of the highly excited states in muonic hydrogen Poster
Urrego Juan Pablo A New ‘Spin' for Reactions with Radioactive Ion Beams: Development of a Polarized Solid Target Poster
Wirth Hans-Friedrich First Results with aSPECT Poster
Wohlmuther Michael The spallation target of the UCN source Poster